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“My Thai” was establish in July 1993. Master Chef Busara always had a keen interest in cooking and enjoys meeting people. Opening "My Thai" allowed her to combine both interests. Within four years of opening, Busara had made many friends from many countries.

My Thai food makes exuberant use of hot chillies, garlic, lemon grass and ginger. These hot and spicy dishes have a unique character of their own which distinguishes them from the cooking of other parts of South-East Asia. Meals are prepared in the traditional manner with several dishes being served simultaneously, complementing each other in texture, flavour, aroma and colour. Only the freshest ingredients are used. These are selected and blended with care to create a harmonious result."I Would Like To Give Thanks To All My Loyal Customers And Am Grateful For All The Friends That I Have Made Through My Thai"

- Busara, Master Chef & Owner of My Thai Restaurant

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Our Experiened Chefs & Dynamic Staff Are Doing Their Best To Meet Your Expectations.
Busara Nulanan
Masterchef & Owner
Busara Nulanan
Masterchef & Owner
Busara Nulanan
Masterchef & Owner
Head Chef